Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 7 Should You Buy Now?

“Heard about WiFi 7 and wondering if your home’s ready for a tech makeover? Let’s separate the facts from the flash.” WiFi 7 sounds futuristic, promising up to 46 gigabits per second. But let’s ground ourselves: Most home internet connections Can’t come close to those limits, and will not for a long time. For most of us, 1 gigabit per second is the most we can get from our ISP.

Where WiFi 7 really makes its mark is in busy neighborhoods or urban environments. If your WiFi feels like it’s stuck in traffic during peak times, WiFi 7’s multi-link operation can help clear that up, connecting to multiple bands simultaneously and ensuring smoother, interference-free browsing. And for those of us who’ve embraced smart homes, with everything from lights to fridges connected, WiFi 7’s enhanced security measures are a big plus.

But a little patience is in order. We might not see WiFi 7 indeed become commonplace until mid to late 2024. And while the tech world is buzzing with WiFi 7 gear, remember that many of our devices are still trying to keep up with the current WiFi 6 standard.

In conclusion, while the horizon looks exciting with WiFi 7, it’s essential to blend excitement with practicality. Looking to future-proof your home’s digital setup? The ETI team is here to guide you, ensuring you make decisions that truly enhance your home experience. Let’s ensure you get the most out of your tech, both now and in the years to come.