Set a Sleep Timer to Fall Asleep With Control4

How do I set a sleep timer to fall asleep to a movie or music. Your control for system can be used as a sleep timer so that you can fall asleep to a movie or to some music. Let’s set a sleep timer for the bedroom to set a sleep timer, tap sleep and then tap options. Here you select what you would like the control for system to do after you fall asleep. Tap turn off media to turn off any audio or video playing in that room. Tap turn off lights to turn off all the lights in that room. Tap close shades to lower all shades and blinds in that room. Tap back to return to the sleep experience. You will see your selections here. Tap the time in the center of the circle to set your schedule. Select how long you want it to wait before it turns off the media lights and lowers the blinds, tap start to turn on the sleep timer. Notice that the dial lit up indicating that your sleep timer is set and will turn off the media and lights and lower the shades and blinds in 30 minutes. Tap Home to see the sleep experiences lit to indicate the sleep timer will execute in 30 minutes. And that’s how you set a sleep timer when you’re going to bed