Picking a Radio Station With Control4 and TuneIn

How do I pick a radio station control for can stream your favorite radio stations or play them through your am FM tuner. If audio is available in a room, you will see the Listen experience on the room screen. Then tap the stations button. You will see a list of your favorite am FM, Sirius XM and streaming radio stations. Top sources to see the streaming services and devices that populate your favorite stations. For example, here we see tune in Sirius XM, and Pandora. If you want to add a new favorite station, you will do so by adding that station to one of these services. Am or FM radio stations can be added and streamed through tune in and iHeartRadio tap back to see your music streaming services. And let’s tap Sirius XM. Tap music choose the genre. Then you can tap a station to begin streaming. Tap the Menu button with three dots and three lines to add this radio station to favorites. Tap the Home button to return to the room screen to see that your station is playing. Tap listen again and tap stations again to see that your station has been added. For stations and playlists that you use the most tap and hold its artwork to favorite to room for quicker and easier access. And that’s how you browse pick and favorite radio stations.