How to use the Control4 Stream Music Services

How do I stream music? Control four can play music from your favorite streaming services, or through third party devices like iOS, and Sonos. If audio is available in a room, you will see the listening experience. On the room screen, you will see the current streaming services and devices currently configured in your system. If you would like to add a streaming service to your control for system, watch the How Do I video titled add or remove music. Tap the music service that you would like to stream. Most streaming services have an option to discover new music or to play your favorite albums or playlists. Tap to make your selection. You can then tap a single track or tap the playlist or album to start streaming. Tapping the menu button the button with three dots, you will find additional play options. For example, if you want quicker, easier access to a track, album or playlist, you can tap favorite to room to add it to the room screen. Tap the Home button to return to the room screen. If you tap and hold any button on the room screen, you can select a range and remove favorites. Tap and drag any button to move it to a different location in the room screen to organize your favorites. And that’s how you stream music and how you can favorite for easier access