How to Control Shades and Blinds with Control4

Now how do I open and close my shades and blinds, shades and blinds are easily controlled through the control for system. As the sun gets brighter and the days get warmer, we want to close the shades to keep the house cool. Tap shades to see the shades and blinds in that room and their current state. Open, Closed or somewhere in between. Tapping An icon will toggle it open or closed. Projector screens are also controlled from here. The filter at the bottom indicates that we only see the shades for this room. You can tap the Filter icon, the circle with three lines to show only the shades that are open and tap all to see all shades that are open in the whole house. For the shades that you use the most. You could tap and hold to favorite them to the room for easier access. And that’s how you control shades and blinds