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How a Custom Home Network Gives Parents More Control Over Children’s Tech Safety & Wellbeing

The internet is a part of all our lives with a myriad of uses that range from education to entertainment. Our children will inevitably use the internet but that doesn’t mean they need to have unfettered access to all of the internet. We all want to protect our children but it is impossible for an adult to monitor their internet access at all times which is why implementing a custom home network with things like content filtering and other parental controls can be incredibly useful.

Content Filtering: A Simple and Efficient Way to Protect Your Children Online

Content filtering is something that all parents can use and tailor to their specific desires and needs when installed as part of a custom home network. TechTarget elaborates on what content filtering is and why it is beneficial for parents, “Content filtering is a process involving the use of software or hardware to screen and/or restrict access to objectionable email, webpages, executables, and other suspicious items…Parents often use web filtering to screen and/or exclude content their children have access to from a home computer. Filtering software can screen content for anything that is objectionable or criminal.” Content filtering gives parents the peace of mind that, even if children are using the internet independently, they will not have access to things that are inappropriate.

Total Control Over Your Children’s Internet Access with Custom Home Networking

Many parents wonder if implementing content filtering will impact their ability to use the internet as they would normally but with proper custom home network installation and programming, it will not. Parents retain total control, having the ability to revoke Wi-Fi access at predetermined times and/or at any moment desired. Typically, the way it works is that once it is installed and programmed, parents have access to content filters within an app and can easily change, enable/disable filters, control Wi-Fi access, and more. 

Establishing Healthy Cyber Safety Habits with Custom Home Networking

A custom home network enables parents to retain control over their children’s cyber safety in an easy and efficient way. It is important for children to establish healthy cyber safety habits early in life. Content filters and tailored Wi-Fi access are excellent ways for children to independently access the internet in a safe and appropriate way.