Enjoy Your Entire Music Collection at Any Time With Whole Home Audio

Few things have the power to affect your mind and mood like music. Whether jamming to your favorite tunes while cleaning, singing in the shower or relaxing with a refreshing drink in your backyard, a catchy melody sets the mood. A whole home audio setup makes accessing your carefully curated collection a cinch.

What Makes a Whole Home Audio System?

A true whole home audio system requires consideration of your home’s acoustics and layout to provide an immersive listening experience at every location in the house. Speakers need to be installed in each room. Fortunately, a professional setup with the help of an experienced technician allows you to arrange amplification for the best sound quality.

Additionally, a pro technician can discover ways to install your speakers in an aesthetically pleasing configuration to leave your living spaces uncluttered. Partially or completely hidden systems fit into your decor without becoming an eyesore.

Why Consider a Whole Home Audio Setup?

Access to audio entertainment has never been easier. You can play your favorite podcast, news program or music streaming app on an electronic device anywhere you go. However, outside noises or activities might drown out the sound of tiny portable speakers. You could wear earbuds, but you might miss something someone says to you, and you have to worry about earpieces staying in place. Syncing wirelessly to speakers in different rooms can get annoying. 

With whole home audio, you can enjoy a consistent sound experience throughout your entire domain. Multiple rooms can play simultaneous audio if you desire. Also, each family member can enjoy an immersive experience in their own space.

Access to your system is as easy as speaking a command or touching a button on your device for intuitive home automation. From your smartphone or tablet, you can fine-tune the master controls for your listening pleasure.

How Can You Set Up Whole Home Audio?

Setting up your whole home audio system doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Call on Entertainment Technology for help discovering how to turn your property into an audiophile’s dream.