Control4 Check the Locks and Sensors

How do I check my locks and sensors? Did you remember to close the garage door? Is your door locked? Where are the kids playing now, your control for system can tell you all that and more at a glance, tap security and then tap locks and sensors to all of the locks doors and sensors integrated into your control four system by your installer. You may see motion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water leak sensors and door sensors indicating if there is motion smoke a leak or an open door. These sensors cannot be actively controlled. Tapping them does not do anything. Other devices like door locks, garage doors and gates can be controlled. Tap them to toggle their state. In the navigation bar, you can sort these devices alphabetically by date, which sorts by when they last change state or by type of device. The filter bar can display only the devices in this room or all devices in the whole house. The filter icon will filter the list to only show those devices in an active or unsecure state for devices that you would want to view or control the most. Tap and hold that device to favorite to room for quicker and easier access. And that’s how you check your locks and sensors.