Automate Your Lighting to Your Circadian Rhythm With Control4

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Technology adds convenience to preserving your health. Not only do smartwatches, wellness apps and online workout equipment help you improve your fitness, but lighting automation can also help you optimize your daily routine for maximum alertness and vitality.

Lighting Automation and Your Circadian Rhythm

Everyone has a natural internal clock for bodily regulation. Have you ever noticed that you get sleepy around the same time and tend to wake up around a specific hour? You also likely know when you’re more likely to be hungry during the day. This consistent pattern is your circadian rhythm and includes everything from the times you’re most alert to the moments your body temperature is the highest.

Light has the power to cooperate with or disrupt your natural 24-hour cycle. Your health suffers when you can’t enjoy a regular schedule for sleeping, eating and physical activity. If you have a routine that doesn’t sync with the sunrise and sunset, automated lighting can assist you. 

Lighting Tips for Your Health

A lighting automation system installation, such as the setup that Control4 offers, can complement your circadian rhythm to encourage peak well-being. You can set lights to brighten gently when you need to wake, which mimics the sunrise and stimulates your body and mind. The effect is more refreshing than the abrupt shock out of slumber from a blaring alarm.

Darkness naturally calms you and prepares you physically and mentally for rest. Your Control4 system can initiate a program that gradually dims the lights as your bedtime approaches, preparing you for a night of deep and restful sleep.

You can also use multicolored bulbs to set a mood and calm anxiety and stress. Vibrant lights in your home office can inspire efficiency and productivity where you need them most.

Help for Your Lighting Automation Needs

Lighting automation is more accessible than ever, and personable pros can bring your preferred illumination strategy to life. Call our team at Entertainment Technology for help installing a home automation setup that fits your needs.